KeyMacro is a free program which can increase the speed of your keyboard.
With KeyMacro you can:
– Program shortcuts to your favorite programs and web-sites.
– Use the keyboard to insert your favorite numbers.
– Improve your typing skills with numerous typing trainers.
– Highlight your text automatically.
– Use special characters for faster typing.
– Add emoticons to your messages.
– Convert sequences of keys into one keystroke.
– Switch accents and case.
– Use different keyboard layouts.
– Use double shot keys for different shortcuts.
– Adjust keyboard cursor sensitivity.
– Double key macros.
– Erase shortcuts and fix erroneous keys.
– Perfect your touch typing skills.
– And much more…
KeyMacro is a freeware software. You can find a detailed description of its main features and download it from the author’s web page at

Race Home Screen – How to

published:27 Feb 2017


In this video I teach you how to make a racing game.
This is my first game, and the first version of the game.
I can’t guarantee it’s perfect. But it’s fun.
I hope you enjoy it and make suggestions.
I would also like to thank you for watching.
If you want to know more about how this game came to life, please check out my previous video.

In this game you control a motorcyclist who races to various tracks. But, in order to win, you must run all the time. Of course, you don’t have the most powerful engine. So, you must race against time in order to reach the finish line. You can use the arrows to control your bike, and the gamepad, to accelerate.
You must get the best time while running on each track.
Feel free to use your keyboard for arrows, you can also use the Dpad, just like in a real bike.
Keyboards can be adjusted, so you can change the racing speed, and the bike’s acceleration.
The higher the racing speed, the faster the game will be.
When you reach a certain speed, you can press the right bumper.
When you reach a certain distance, you can press the left bumper.
When you 70238732e0

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This is a Macro Plugin which can be used to Control parameters in Soundfont, X3M, and VST Hosts with MIDI data.
KEYMACRO can be used to control parameters in a Soundfont, X3M, or VST Hosts by sending MIDI data through the Keymacro plugin.
You can send parameter changes to these hosts by using MIDI.

I am looking for the best tool for an instrument project.
It needs to be:
– solid as possible, and it needs to be easy to use.
It doesn’t need to have a lot of features, and it needs to be simple to use.
So, I don’t want to waste my time using a complex plugin.
Here is a list of things I need (not limited):
– 24/88 filter,
– pitch bend,
– effects (amp, chorus, etc.)
– 2-3 envelopes (for modulating filter, amp, etc.)
– master and stereo output
– input signal monitoring
It has to be able to plug into my soundcard (Spi) or microphone (mic).
Any suggestions?

Hey all, I’ve been working on a Synth in my spare time and I’m coming up against a real wall of no end.
I’m trying to replicate the sound of a tape recorder, and I think my output is the problem. I’ve captured the filter waveforms and the master output (just to make sure), and I think I’ve got most of the stuff I need, but what is missing is the “shimmer” at the start and end of the filter waveforms.
My filter is mainly a low pass and I’ve got a couple of bandpasses in there, but it sounds more like a comb filter.
Thanks for any help,

Well, I’m still new to Synth and VST programming, and I was wondering how hard it would be to modify a LFO to produce a frequency sweep instead of just a linear increase.
I have a file with a list of frequencies, and would like to play it like a tone with a sweep up or down.
For example, I might have a list of frequencies from 40Hz to 200Hz.
I want the system to sweep through each frequency, with a steady increase or decrease in speed until it reaches a frequency of 200Hz. After that, it should start back at 40Hz, with the original speed,