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Chronobreak is a modern, Electron-based reinvention of the timeless ‘pomodoro’ technique. Picking up where pomodoros left off, the app logs your ‘pomodoros’ into a database and generates a few graphs about your activity.

Chronobreak features:

Start and stop the timer as often as you like

Configurable sound cues (beep, chime, ding)

Configurable durations (up to 15 min)

“Discard Pomodoro” option

Statistics about your activity

Terminates timer if you don’t use it for 20 minutes

Chronobreak alternative:

Pomodoro sticks to pomodoro’s idea, you pick a task and work for 25 minutes, take a break, then take another 25 minutes to get some more work done. Chronobreak is similar but you can start and stop the timer at your leisure. Chronobreak can keep track of how long you work on a task, break, and work for the rest of the day. This makes it a useful productivity tool and you can count a day off every time you lose a Pomodoro!

I use pomodoro everyday and i’m almost done with 15 minutes (4 pomodoros) and i’m very satisfied with this app because of its helpful features.

Sappy Steve, 35-50, Designer

Sappy Steve, 35-50, Designer

I really like this and it’s great to add it to every day. Overall I feel like I have more focus since using it.

Julio, 24-35, Mediator

Julio, 24-35, Mediator

This app makes your computer work for you and you don’t have to do anything. It adds some variables to pomodoro method like task and breaks.

Yayan, 29-39, Web Developer

Yayan, 29-39, Web Developer

A good app for keeping track of some things.

Alex, 22-30, IT Manager

Alex, 22-30, IT Manager

App doesn’t have many features, but it doesn’t have to.

Kim, 27-35, Engineer

Kim, 27-35, Engineer

I like this, but the alarm sounds every time I open the app, which is annoying.

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“Chronobreak Serial Key is a customizable and intelligent time management tool for your PC. Timing is not compulsory, everything is customizable and there are also some tricks to improve your workflow.
Currently available in four languages, it has been designed to help you improve your work and life balance. Chronobreak Crack Mac comes with many preconfigured timers, such as 10x productivity, 30x productivity, firestarter, pomodoro, and much more. As a premium version it comes with much more features, as you can set the timer to a precise time, and the alarms to sound. Using Chronobreak is easy. It works with the Windows taskbar, its main window can be customized and we also have a unique clock display.
The main window consists of a toolbar, where you can change the clock settings. You can also create your own timers. The secondary window is the clock display, where it shows when the timer is due to expire. You can also show the missed timers, as well as start/pause/resume the timer.
Chronobreak has a comprehensive Settings dialog with all the customizable settings, and also a lot of detailed information about your PC.
By default, the application uses the built-in Windows clock, but other sources can be added to the settings. Using the Windows clock, you can automatically synchronize your time with an online source (such as `` or ``) to have accurate timestamps in Chronobreak.
System Requirements:
Chronobreak is meant to run on any platform, including Windows and Linux. It requires a 64-bit OS, 32-bit compatibility mode is not supported. It has been tested on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and it should run on Windows Server 2012 R2.”

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i tried with a servlet called sync and it didnt work for me it kept incrementing the time
i need a way to keep a record of everytime a user clicks a link in my chrome browser.

if you know any solution kindly provide it so as to help save the time of n number of users at the same time.


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Today. Tomorrow. Today. Tomorrow. And then…
Chronobreak is an Electron app that faithfully replicates the original Pomodoro technique.
Chronobreak differs from its peers in terms of functionality and UI, since instead of requiring any kind of installation, it lives in your computer’s taskbar.
Slightly frilly and a bit on the minimalistic side.
25 minutes per session of focused work.
Ticking sound.
Ticking sound. Tick. Ticking. Tick. Tick. Tick…
Chronobreak is the application that any user who’s looking for an application to help him reduce stress, sharpen focus, and improve his work quality could benefit from.
Chronobreak Description:

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What’s New In?

A timing app like none other.
What Is It About and How Does It Work?
What Is It About and How Does It Work?
Have you ever heard about the famous time management life hack for increasing one’s productivity dubbed Pomodoro Technique? If not, it might make a lot of sense to drop what you’re doing and read up on the topic right now!
It’s basically about a time management technique that basically recommends you break your workday up into 25-minute sessions, during which you get to immerse yourself in work only.
This means you can’t actually work for hours and hours on end, as it defeats the entire purpose. Yet, the results this technique offers are really satisfying, helping you create a whole slew of smarter solutions for both short-term and long-term problems.
The name “Pomodoro” came from the Italian word for “tomato”, thus a “Pomodoro Technique” is basically a technique which helps to divide a task into 25-minute increments.
Since it’s the “Pomodoro” part that’s key for the actual technique, this particular method is fairly simple and doesn’t require any special equipment.
It’s just about assigning tasks to the appropriate “pomodoro” time slots and getting down to work during this span of time.
As well as this, there’s one more thing that’s important to note, which is the fact that there’s no need for a conventional monitor while using the Pomodoro Technique. Thus, you can use any sort of device, as long as it provides a clock.
So, what is it about, then? Well, it’s about an app called Chronobreak, which faithfully replicates the original Pomodoro techniques.
To set the timer, simply click and drag the clock numbers in place. Please note that the timer starts automatically once the 25 minutes threshold is reached.
This process is accompanied by very satisfying audible cues (simple tick sounds), which are clearly marked as periods of work time, and this is the process that most users probably come to love as it keeps them focused and on track.
No frills and slightly “rigid” app regarding functionality that should help you improve your productivity
To be fair, Chronobreak is a decent application that doesn’t stray off from the original Pomodoro Technique. This particular lack of flexibility might be very appreciated for hardcore-get-things-done purists, however, it’s also

System Requirements For Chronobreak:

OS: Win7 / Vista / WinXP
Memory: 1GB
VGA: 1024×768
DirectX 9.0c
Processor: Intel P4 2.0Ghz or higher
Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
Hard Drive: 1GB
Additional Notes: Has a 30-day trial period, and its only a single player, so for those that want to play coop this is a no-go.
OS: Win7 / Vista