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VOTEN from Max App is a free social voting application that can be used to create polls, vote and comments for up to thousands of users.
You can create an interactive social bulletin board to make a community discussion about your topic.
* Free editions
* Can be installed and used on all Windows editions
* Can create multiple versions of user interface
* Integrated in-app Help System
* Allows you to vote and comment on the data on the server. 99d5d0dfd0

This is the first time an image can have variable fill rate. This can be used with the alpha channel in custom pipeline and for images with alpha channel you can specify the colour of the transparent pixels.
ActiveSWF supports native COM objects..NET Framework is the most powerful platform for building ActiveX components. Browse through millions of lines of code and find out what you can do. DLLs are available for.NET Framework.
ActiveSWF Professional includes expanded set of ActiveX