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TOSHIBA System Settings is an application developed by the Japanese company for users who’d like to have a simple way of configuring their branded laptops and not worry about finding particular settings in the operating system options. It might not be that good-looking, but it manages to provide the advertised assistance, and in the end, this is all that should matter.
There are specific tabs for each particular function. In the General tab, you’ll get basic information about your system and the option to reset all settings to default. Adjust sleep, charge, and music-related issues from the Sleep and Charge and Sleep and Music tabs. Proceed to adjust HDD Protection options, Boot, Keyboard, and USB settings. All of these will give any user the option to tailor the product to their needs.
The application looks quite basic. It adopts a functional style, a fact that is visible also by the obvious positioning of all tabs and buttons. Everything is within reach because before anything else, this application is a tool that is supposed to aid users in configuring a product. It doesn’t have any meaning outside the Toshiba laptop area. If you do own such a product, then this application could simplify your interaction with it.

Enjoy another winter and an updated version of the Android app from the popular T-Mobile service of the same name. The T-Mobile T-Mobile TV is a part of T-Mobile’s T-Box plans that offers over 150 channels of live and catch-up TV. In terms of apps, the company has not only launched the latest version but it has also included the iOS and Android versions in the same package.
The app on both platforms is nice, with well-designed widgets on the home screen that gives users the chance to view their favorite programs and movies. These will be listed as channels, shows, movies or latest. We didn’t find any way to add them into a personal list or the one that is generated by the T-Mobile TV app.
Another, big and important part of the app is the live guide. Through this, users can browse the available categories and channels, based on the types of programs they watch and according to the time of day or night.
The iPad and Android versions of the app are pretty similar to the latest Android TV app from T-Mobile that allows users to browse the available channels through the included guide, or by simply flicking through all the available categories.
What is missing is the ability to record TV shows, which will require a subscription 384a16bd22

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Display a spectrum of any specified number of lines (default is 1 line). The exposure time can be customized, a cross-filter, and user-defined.
This is a new release from my website.
Please download the new demo for free.

Please look at the Support & Documentation tab on my website.

This sample is designed as a demonstration of the general usage of
Spectre Displayer.
Please keep in mind that the.emf files created by the demo are not
very well adapted for further processing by standard EMF viewing
tools (as of EMF 1.1). It is recommended that you save the.emf
images from Spectre Displayer to disk and then use EMF Viewer
SPECTRO (Spectre Displayer):
Using the command line, start Spectre.
C:\Spectre> Spectre Displayer
1. Select the atoms to be displayed.
2. Optionally specify the number of lines to be shown.
3. Specify the number of hours for the exposure time.
4. Adjust the image level.
5. Load or generate the spectra.
The output of Spectre Displayer is saved in.emf format. The resulting
.emf files are saved to the current working directory.
To view the spectra, open the.emf files in EMF Viewer (1.4 or later).
To save the spectra, select a directory and name the files with the
observed spectrum and a timestamp (with the hours in 24-hour format,
e.g., ‘02.30.00.emf’).
This is a simple usage example for Spectre Displayer.
C:\Spectre> Spectre Displayer
User parameters:
Create a new display
Scanning elements: Cr, Fe, Mn, Ni, Cu, Zn
Number of lines = 1
Total exposure time = 0
Brightness factor = 1
Exposure time = 30 min
Cross filter = 2
Detector = 2.0
Draw all lines
Enable overexposure effect
Display 30 min
Load or generate a spectrum: no
Save the result: