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Any of the following keymacros may be set by the application to control the ICMP ping functionality. For more information see the
NETKEYMASK Enumeration.
TRACETIME Specifies the number of milliseconds between pings in the trace mode.
ICMP_TYPE_A Specifies the ICMP type of the ping. Values are:
1 = Echo_Reply
2 = Time_Exceeded
100 = Unreachable
200 = Destination_Unreachable
3000 = Gateway_Unreachable
40000 = Code_Generation_Unreachable
500000 = Code_Negotiation_Unreachable
1000002 = Host_Unreachable
1000004 = Host_Reachable_Via
1000008 = Source_Quench_Ack
1000009 = Source_Quench_Nak
100000b = Destination_Quench_Ack
100000c = Destination_Quench_Nak
100000e = Connection_Rejected
110000 = Unexpected_Packet
1100002 = Connection_Rejected_No_Packet_Too_Big
1100004 = Connection_Rejected_No_Packet_Too_Small
1100008 = Protocol_Unreachable
1100009 = Protocol_Rejected_Unreachable_Packet_Too_Big
110001b = Protocol_Rejected_Unreachable_Packet_Too_Small
10001 = Time_Exceeded_Packet_Too_Big
1000102 = Time_Exceeded_Packet_Too_Small
1000104 = Time_Exceeded_Packet_Too_Big
1000108 = Time_Exceeded_Packet_Too_Small
10001a = Host_Unreachable_Packet_Too_Big
10001c = Host_Unreachable_Packet_Too_Small
100020 = Source_Quench_Packet_Too_Big
100022 = Source_Quench_Packet_Too_Small
100024 = Source_Quench_Packet_Too_Big
100028 = Source_Quench_Packet_Too_Small
10002a = Destination_Quench_Packet_Too_Big
10002c = Destination_Quench_P 384a16bd22

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This section is designed to help you save money and time when creating custom keymapping macros. Learn all about modifiers, sequences, and groups, and how you can use them to map custom actions. If you’re new to custom keymapping, it can be a little confusing at first, but just give it a few minutes to get comfortable and you’ll be using keymapping like a pro in no time!
How it works:
You can save macros in any way you like, but you can also edit them directly on a.kmx file. The standard way to do this is to use hotkeys, which you can set on the Settings page. Alternatively, you can set up a hotkey group and use it to make it easier to use a similar macro across multiple hotkeys.
More info:
You can learn more about how it works and how to use the keyboard or computer with it, but the best way to get a feel for how to use it is to start creating your own! If you have any questions about creating macros, you can check out the FAQ section of the site, ask us a question in the forums, or get help from the community at large.
Is this app compatible with every major OS and keyboard?
Yes, this is a Microsoft Windows program and it works great with every major version of Windows. For Windows 10 users, we have a 64-bit version available. The majority of the newer keyboards we sell have shortcuts for the function keys. If yours does not, you can purchase the bundle “Windows Keyboard Shortcuts” to customize the function keys.
How do I install a macro?
You can either create a macro from scratch or edit an existing macro. The macro editor gives you several features including macro recording, editing, and exporting. To record a macro, hit the keys you want to map and when finished hit the Play button. You can edit the macro you recorded or make any changes to a macro you have already created.
You can also change the order of the keys, so instead of pressing F1-F5-F6-F7 you can just hit F6-F7-F5-F1 to do the same thing.
How do I use my macro?
After you have created or edited a macro, it’s time to map it to a hotkey! To map a macro to a hotkey, you need to first go to Settings > Macros > Modifiers > Hot