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KEYMACRO is a handy application that allows you to capture from the keypad your standard, special and numeric and other characters, and to save the recorded information in the clipboard.
Keymacro supports to save standard and custom characters, and offers a large number of additional features.
The application allows you to easily save the keyboard macros in the clipboard, as if they were your own personal “macro-recording utility.
If you are a game lover, this program is for you. You will find much help in mastering the keyboard, and in capturing commands and controls.Keymacro is a handy tool to use when you want to create your own games. This utility allows you to record the most used commands, as you enter the game.
Keymacro supports the savegame functionality. With this application you can easily record any keyboard combination and save it to a text file, with the help of the clipboard.
The game-recorder is able to create games like chess, checkers, backgammon, etc. When the player is ready to play, he/she just needs to save the game file, and the software will load it.
Keymacro allows you to record keyboard combinations in any program, as long as that program has a feature to store the clipboard.
KEYMACRO Features:
– File format.txt, (each recording is saved as a separate line)
– Supports Unicode characters (many standard characters are not supported)
– Support for hardware keyboard keys
– Support for software keyboard keys
– Internal Record mode
– Record mode with name input
– Support for up to 10 different records (each is defined by name, and each can be saved to a file)
– Support for large macro lists (each is defined by name, and each can be saved to a file)
– Support for command, numeric and special characters
– Save game mode
– Playgame mode
– Commandlist
– Printlist
– Save settings: On/Off, Name, Save to file, Maximum files
– Playback: Button, Play from file, Go to last saved point, Go to saved point, Go to next saved point, Go to last saved point
– Load Settings: Button, Load from file
– Autoplay mode
– Save log mode
– Visibility, list, with/without all virtual keys
– Support for Windows 2000 and Windows XP
– Support for OS/2 Warp 4, Warp 5, 70238732e0

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KeyMACRO is a parser for the VHDL Source Language (VHDL) in various formats. The parser is designed for developers to identify high level constructs in a language and implement them on software level.
The parser can be used to read, assemble, identify, compile and generate the RTL design.
The language itself consists of a number of high level commands with language specific syntax, keywords, datatypes and operators.
KEYMACRO contains an advanced grammar to identify the various constructs in the high level language. The parser is capable of automatically generate the AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) from the text. The AST can be further processed by parsing tools to assemble and translate the design.
KEYMACRO is capable of identifying all the keywords present in the language and recognize them in the source code. The parser has an advanced syntax parser that can determine the high level constructs in VHDL, resolve the lexical rules and rules as well as find complex constructs such as for, case and if statements.
This parser supports the following language constructs:
Keywords, datatypes, operators, conditions, sequences, files, functions, modules, cases, loops, loops_with_index, loops_with_index_while, loops_with_index_until, if_conditional, elif_conditional, elif_conditional_case_scoping, elif_conditional_case_scoping_with_index, elif_conditional_case_scoping_with_index_while, elif_conditional_case_scoping_with_index_until, else, else_case, else_case_scoping, else_case_scoping_with_index, else_case_scoping_with_index_while, else_case_scoping_with_index_until, case, case_with_scoping, case_with_scoping_with_index, case_with_scoping_with_index_while, case_with_scoping_with_index_until, end case, end case_with_scoping, end case_with_scoping_with_index, end case_with_scoping_with_index_while, end case_with_scoping_with_index_until, end if, end if_conditional, end if_conditional_case_scoping, end if_conditional_case_scoping_with