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The Keylib MACRO allows you to perform a keystroke macro at any time you want. It is a simple yet powerful tool for accessing any program or utility’s hotkey. After loading a macro with your preferred hotkeys, you can insert and run the macro right at any time you want by pressing a key combination.

You may save and load macros from the Keymacro interface. However, you can also transfer macros to the macro library from outside the program if you wish. If you don’t do it, Keymacro will “inspire” you with some new macros!

The Keymacro Advanced user’s manual is available by viewing the manual page for the program. You can always come back to this manual page using the Help feature in the program.

Did you know?

RSA and LDA are the same program and the difference is the box size.

RSA and LDA are also the same program and the difference is the box size.

The Mathlib add-in will let you use any of the standard and advanced math functions such as sine, cosine, exponential and logarithm, etc. without having to use the mouse. The Mathlib add-in gives you the opportunity to save and load Mathlib macros.

Excel VBA Macro recorder is an Excel VBA recorder, which allows you to record VBA macros that you can use to automate tedious and time-consuming tasks in your Excel workbooks.

You can use any of the macros you recorded, or create new ones in Excel VBA.

Keyboard Shortcuts will add all the keyboard shortcuts for the function you selected (see below for examples). When you select a function, you will be shown a list of all the keyboard shortcuts available for that function.

The Record Macro screen will prompt you to assign a name and a description to your macro. You can add further notes using the comments field and you can also set a preview window to display a short description of the macro (see ‘Customize the macro screen’ below).

There are several ways to access the keyboard shortcuts for a function. Press the F1 key or click the ‘?’ button on the right-hand side of the function name.


The keyboard shortcuts available for a particular function may change if you install the latest version of Excel or Excel for Mac. Please be sure to check the help files for any updated keyboard shortcuts available for the function 384a16bd22

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This is a small utility that will re-arrange your windows inside an editor or IDE. It uses a.ini file to find the target child window and re-arrange the windows inside the parent window, based on the screen resolution.
Install this as a command-line executable from here or the Downloaded ZIP. Make sure to include all the files found inside the zip file.
The.ini file can be downloaded from here and it’s saved in the program folder.

Sublime Text is a cross-platform text editor. It is fast, simple to use and suitable for writing code, reading documents, browsing the web, and more.
This module is for turning sublime text into a source code code editor. By default, it generates a text file with proper indentation, highlighting, and placing a special tag for formatting. This file is a good template for you to turn sublime text into a proper code editor.
This template is also created for.bashrc file, so you can use it as your.bashrc template.

Do you want to get out of your computer and surf the Internet on your big screen? Chromedriver is a Chrome browser driver. It provides an easy way to automate browser actions on your computer.
Chromedriver integrates with Selenium WebDriver (websites) and allows you to automate the most common tasks on a website. You can simulate a click, fill out a form, login or logout, and navigate to different sections on the website.
Chromedriver also allows you to perform actions on Chrome browser that are not available through a browser extension. This includes running JavaScript, loading pages in incognito mode, and opening new windows.
Chromedriver allows you to interact with other native applications such as Spotify, iMessage, Skype, Google Maps, and Amazon’s Alexa.

The Virtualization Manager (VMM) is a free graphical tool which allows administrators to manage all the VMs on their computer(s). It can be used to start, stop, suspend, resume, restart, disconnect, and disconnect all VMs without having to interact with them directly.
The VMM is ideal for servers, desktop machines, smartphones, tablets, and other computers.
This is a simple, easy to use GUI application.

FirewallD is a daemon for managing and monitoring firewall rules. It can be used by administrators to configure a firewall or as a service monitoring firewall rules changes.