LIBSYSTEMQT – set system Qt libraries
LIBSYSTEMQT_MISC – set system Qt miscelleaneous libraries
LIBSYSTEMQT_PLUGINS – set system Qt plugin libraries
LIBSYSTEMQT_XML – set system Qt XML libraries
PLUGIN_QTPNG – set poppler-qt4 plugins for Png image
PLUGIN_BMP – set poppler-qt4 plugins for Bmp image
PLUGIN_JPEG – set poppler-qt4 plugins for JPEG image
PLUGIN_PS – set poppler-qt4 plugins for Postscript image
PLUGIN_PCL – set poppler-qt4 plugins for PCL image
PLUGIN_PDF – set poppler-qt4 plugins for PDF image
PLUGIN_SVG – set poppler-qt4 plugins for SVG image
VENDOR_OPTIONS – set poppler-qt4 vendor specific options

The following environment variables are available to configure the build,
LIBQTPNG_OPTS – options passed to libqtpng
LIBQTPNG_PNG_OPTS – options passed to libqtpng_png
LIBQTPNG_BMP_OPTS – options passed to libqtpng_bmp
LIBQTPNG_JPEG_OPTS – options passed to libqtpng_jpeg
LIBQTPNG_PS_OPTS – options passed to libqtpng_ps
LIBQTPNG_PCL_OPTS – options passed to libqtpng_pcl
LIBQTPNG_PDF_OPTS – options passed to libqtpng_pdf
LIBQTPNG_SVG_OPTS – options passed to libqtpng_svg
LIBQTPNG_XML_OPTS – options passed to libqtpng_xml

If you encounter any errors while installing the library check for basic build environment 384a16bd22

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Use the keyboard with “hotkeys”
Keymacro is an advanced keyboard utility, with a twist.
• You can use keymacro to make your keyboard act like a gamepad, a mouse, a laser pointer, etc. You can change the way a single key maps to another function.
• You can even change how a key behaves when you hold it down. This is called macro recording.
• For instance, you can make the key behave as if it was a joystick controller.
Keymacro is easy to use and create macros for any key on your keyboard. Start by binding a key on your keyboard to a macro function. Then create a new macro to repeat the same function or create a different function. Macros can be made to behave as you want, including saving and loading macros on reboot. It’s so easy that it’s silly.
• Bind a key on your keyboard to a macro function.
• Create a new macro and assign it to the key you’d like to use.
• Go to the “macro settings” tab.
• Select the “macro” tab to modify your macro.
• Select “play”, then choose from different input actions like gamepad, joystick or arrow keys.
• Save the macro.
• Play the macro when you’re pressing the key.
• Select “quit” and it’s done.
• You can adjust the size of the window for easier viewing.
• You can change the “macro behavior” for “Repeat” or “Menu”.
• You can change the “repeat delay” and “repeat rate” for the repeat macro.
• You can change the “repeat delay” and “repeat rate” for the menu macro.
• You can also create a non-repeating keyboard macro for a gamepad or joystick.
• You can save macros for specific games or keys so you can access them at any time.
• You can make keymacro map a key to any macro and any function you want.
• You can use keymacro to play your own custom game.
• You can record any function you want, even “all keyboard”.
• When you press the key and release, it will record the