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KEYMACRO is an easy-to-use keyboard mapping program for Mac OS X. It lets you set up a custom keyboard layout with a variety of special functions that you can use in any application on your Mac. Using KeyMACRO is as easy as assigning new keys to existing functions. Each KeyMACRO Layout can be customized in any way you want – change the name, assign keys to functions or simply hide the keys. With KeyMACRO you can edit key mappings in your own preferences pane and save them as a.plist file. There’s even an auto-complete function for easier navigation within your preferences window. KeyMACRO also has a simple, handy free trial.
KeyMACRO Features:
Feature List:
• Support for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion (and 10.6 Snow Leopard)• Easy to use application interface – create keyboard layouts from scratch or import existing ones from Windows, Mac OS X or iOS• Quickly set up special keys for most of your applications• Create your own key mappings, use the included Keymacro Language Editor to customize any key and assign custom keyboard shortcuts and symbols• Save your own keyboard layouts as a.plist file and use them in any application• Plist auto-complete feature makes it easy to navigate through all your key mappings• Drag and drop functions between mappings to create your own keymap• Multiple keyboard layouts per application• Multiple language support, including the free demo version of KeyMACRO• Supports mouse keys• Automatically launch when you select text• Works in background applications• Supports hidden characters (Alt codes)• Supports Unicode text• Support for extended and composite keyboard keys• Import from Windows or Mac OS X
KeyMACRO Key Map:
Keymacro Keymap is designed to be easy to use and useful. The mappings of the Keymacro Keymap have already been created by a professional developer and his team. The Keymacro Keymap includes the most important functions for the most common application.
KeyMACRO Keymaps are saved as.plist files. The Keymacro Keymaps are also easy to edit. There are even auto-complete functions, so you don’t have to search for the correct key when you want to add one. Also, you can hide the keys that are not used anymore.
So, the following keymaps are included:
• File: Copy to Clipboard, Paste and Paste Again• Web: Cut, Copy, Paste and a few more• Email: 70238732e0

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Utilizing both Avisynth and ffmpeg, KEYMACRO provides a great 2D animation effect to your videos, without the need for post-production. Its presets and unique presets, adjustable image correction, quick UI and extremely easy to use makes it a great tool for creating videos that go viral.
Most of the support for image correction already come with the standard Media Info tool, although KEYMACRO’s interface is exceptionally well made, allowing users to adjust the settings easily and quickly.
The application’s presets are all pre-calculated, which makes the process of changing the settings a breeze. We also applaud the fact that all the presets available, are in fact, user-defined presets, making the user-experience even more hands-on and user-friendly.
Furthermore, what’s great is that the presets available for each setting are not pre-calculated, but user-adjustable, thus allowing the user to fine-tune each setting for its own unique video. This is a truly one-of-a-kind user experience, for those who are seeking a batch-oriented app for converting their multimedia files.
What’s better, the application’s support for a variety of media formats, and its ability to import other sources, such as videos from Facebook or YouTube, makes it a rather multi-purpose converter, capable of converting any type of multimedia file and for a variety of purpose.
KEYMACRO can also be used for video conversion, while it does not offer all the bells and whistles one might be accustomed to from a more advanced converter, it’s fast, easy and affordable, and thanks to its batch-oriented processing, the results can be seen much faster and with greater efficiency.
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When it comes to scanning documents, the Epson Scan is easily one of the best hardware available. Not only does the device scan exceptionally well, but the relatively affordable price, coupled with its wireless operation, makes it a must have addition to any household.
When used with Epson’s software suite, one can capture a variety of items, such as text, photos, diagrams, sketches and even creative projects. The software itself is quite intuitive, as it is packed with features that makes it a must have tool for anyone seeking a device for scanning their documents and prints.
KEYMACRO Description:
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