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Usgen takes one or more key macro (key-string) arguments. These key macro arguments can be defined in a configuration file or a.usrgen.ini file. The.usrgen.ini file is a plain text file which is supported on every platform. The configuration file can be a plain text file with name.usrgen.cfg or a Win.ini file.

A screenshot of usgen executing a command with arguments (default values)

Usgen also supports remote execution of the command over the network.
To do so, you need to send the name of the usgen.ini file and the target command execution file. The usgen.ini file specifies the user name and password to be used.
In addition, a usgen.ini file must be copied to the server machine in a location of the path defined in the File path attribute. The path must contain an X:\ and a subdirectory that contains the usgen.ini file.
One or more usgen.ini files with the same name can be copied to the server machine. If multiple usgen.ini files with the same name exist, the last one will be used.
To send the remote execution file you need to send its name along with the name of the usgen.ini file. The remote execution file must also be copied to the usgen.ini file location.
The command file name and path cannot be changed after being sent. This is the same for the file copied to the usgen.ini file location.
The user password is required to remote execution the command file. The password must be defined in the usgen.ini file. The password value defined in the usgen.ini file will be used with a Command password= argument of the command execution file.

Command line execution of usgen through the Wininet.exe.

When executing a command file through the Wininet.exe, we need to define some extra attributes:

If you specify a command file that is not present on the execution machine, you will get an error message. You need to do it manually: Open a command window and execute the following command:
C:\>where usgen.exe

The location of the executable will be reported to you in the Command line. You can then copy the usgen.exe from the location to a different location on the execution machine.
Usgen can also be started remotely. To do so, you must have installed the wget command line 384a16bd22

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