However, the GUI needs a little work; for instance, it is not user-friendly with its target audience. The overall touch is a bit outdated and the username, password and key length information are too far from the cover rectangle that houses the main button.
A visually disappointing task
In spite of those weak points, the application can be helpful in certain situations, such as when you want to hide a confidential document and not let others access your data. In addition to that, MEL 66cf4387b8

· It can be customized from within the configuration window
· It may be used with most stereoscopic 3D technology such as DSR, X-Plane, Vivo, CyberLink, QuickPHOTO Flash and whatnot
See here (please note that the list is not necessarily complete!)
•”HTML5″ – added 3D support for videos (source videos must be already converted to DOL files)
•”Native 3D” – added 3D support for