A plantation had different crops such as cotton, sugar, tobacco, rice and other crops.
Most of the crops were planted in order to do a large amount of growing. Larger plantations were up to 1,000 acres and each acre could produce more than 5,000 plants and crops

Agriculture was such an important thing. It was during the Colonial times and in the Southern colonies that plantations were most seen. Many of these were found in North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia.
The sbobet88 indonesia reason that there were so many plantations in the south was that the climate was much better for growing things and that made planting crops much easier.

Why Plant in the South?

The Southern colonies were way better for growing things because they had soil that was much more fertile. Since there were swamps and rivers along the way, it made the plains and the forests places that could grow many crops.The climate was much better than in the north and the winters were usually very mild, and the summers were humid and so crops could grow all year around.

Farm and home

Farm or home plantations are typically established for the production of timber and fire wood for home use and sometimes for sale. Management may be less intensive than with Industrial plantations. In time, this type of plantation can become difficult to distinguish from naturally regenerated forest.

Teak and bamboo plantations in India have given good results and an alternative crop solution to farmers of central India, where sbobet88 indonesia conventional farming was popular. But due to rising input costs of farming many farmers have done teak and bamboo plantations which require very little water (only during first two years). Teak and bamboo have legal protection from theft. Bamboo, once planted, gives output for 50 years till flowering occurs. Teak requires 20 years to grow to full maturity and fetch returns.

These may be established for watershed or soil protection. They are established for erosion control, landslide stabilization and windbreaks. Such plantations are established to foster native species and promote forest regeneration on degraded lands as a tool of environmental restoration.

Environmental Factors

A vast number of environmental factors sbobet dictate the plantation system. Let us check some of these factors that play a direct role in the effective functioning of the plantation system.

For the growth of most crops, including cash crops on a farm, proper climatic conditions and environmental factors are responsible. These factors play a vital role in the essential growth and the development of plantation crops. As plantation farming is carried out in the tropic zone of our planet, humid summers are ideally suited to grow crops using mass production. Apart from the summers, mild winters are also required for these crops to grow in large quantities throughout the year. Due to these climatic conditions being highly suited for plantation life, southern states and the colonial south were the chief areas where small farms and larger plantations were cultivated.