This Mexican Restaurant in Jakarta Is Very Authentic

Are you craving food from Mexican restaurants in Jakarta such as tacos and burritos? Or do you really want to sip a glass of margarita? These days it is much easier to find typical Mexican food and drinks than it was a few years ago.

It’s not surprising to see the large number of Mexican restaurants in Jakarta because the food is really delicious and can make anyone drool. Even though it’s not as spicy and rich as Indonesian food, typical Mexican food still has a strong, unique taste that can make you curious. For those of you who are still confused about finding a Mexican restaurant in Jakarta, here are recommendations for places that have been summarized especially for you.

1.Taco Local

Many culinary lovers in Jakarta admit that the tacos here are one of the best in Jakarta. Before discussing the awesomeness of tacos further, Nibble wants you to imagine how comfortable Taco Local is for hanging out.
The decoration doesn’t have a very Mexican feel, there are no somberos or jalapenos hanging on the walls of Taco Local. But the simplicity of the interior with a communal table and wooden furniture makes the room here feel lovely and cozy.

If you come here for tacos, they have single and double options. Both have abundant filling, even gushing out of the tortilla. One of the most popular taco options is Al Pastor Tacos which contains grilled pork shoulder, pickle cabbage, salsa fresca, salsa verde and grilled pineapple. There is also Lengua which can satisfy you with grilled tongue, salsa fresca, guacamole, and crispy pork rind. Don’t forget to order Saparella to quench your thirst. House soda, owned by a Mexican restaurant in Jakarta, is packaged in very unique packaging.

2. Picante Mexican Grill

Who says a restaurant located in an office building can’t provide an stagenic, colorful and playful interior? Picante Mexican Grill is really different from other office restaurants. No one will be able to resist photographing food with the natural lighting provided by this Mexican restaurant in Jakarta.

At Picante, you can choose tacos (soft/crisp), burritos (wrap/bowl), quesadillas, and others. Then, you can also choose the filling itself, there are meat (grilled chicken, grilled steak, fish, or barbacoa), rice (lime basmati or brown rice), pinto beans (red or black), sauces (salsa verde, salsa roja, vinaigrette). , ranch, tartar sauce), and other additions (guacamole, corn, salsa, lettuce, etc.).

So you can really choose and experiment according to your taste. Once you’re satisfied stocking up on carbohydrates, don’t miss the Picante-style dessert. They have really delicious cakes and churros. Oh, yes, there are unique facts about churros. According to tasteatlas, churros were originally discovered by Spanish shepherds. Often served as a warm breakfast menu with a cup of coffee or strong hot chocolate.

3. Amigos Bar & Cantina

Amigos Bar & Cantalina is a Mexican restaurant in Jakarta that has been established since 1979. The interior at Amigos has a very Mexican feel. They use various cactus images, wooden wheel ornaments, and traditional Mexican clothing to greet the guests who come.

The Tex-Mex menu offered here is very varied and the portions are also large. The typical Mexican fiesta taste can be felt from simple menus such as Nachos and Fajitas to unique menus such as Berenjena (eggplant dip) and Chicken-Tortilla Soup.
What you shouldn’t miss when visiting Amigos is the tacos. They have two types of taco shell (crispy/soft) and two types of base taco shell (corn base tortilla/flour base). There are grilled and deep fried fish tacos that you can try too.