Best Tattoo Studio in Jakarta with Reliable Tattoo Artist

In the 1980-1990s, tattoos were often associated with a crime. But now, these works of art are no longer scary and underestimated. The stigma on tattoos among Jakartans has changed. This has become a way of life in the last few years, especially for millennials. Tattoos are used to express oneself with more than an artistic or meaningful message. click here

Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right tattoo studio before you decide to make one. Choosing the right place for a tattoo that is of high quality can make all the difference in the success of your tattoo. The question is, is there a quality tattoo parlor in Jakarta that provides the best facilities? Make no mistake, because the answer is definitely YES! Here are the best places to get tattoos in Jakarta:

1. Bucksbuks Tattoo

Bucksbuks Tattoo is one of the oldest tattoo parlors in Indonesia. It was first accessed in Bandung, West Java approximately 19 years ago. Now, this tattoo place is located in Kemang, South Jakarta. All tattoo artists have the skills and experience to give you great art. They actually allow customers to choose their favorite tattoos, such as realist, oriental, portrait, 3D, and many more. Most importantly, the tattoo artist operates in a clean environment and the tools are sanitized using various methods. Services offered are also Permanent & Temporary Tattoos, Body Piercing, Nails, Face & Body Painting, Henna / Mandhi Tattoos, Tattoo & Piercing Supply, etc.

2. Lawless Tattoos

Still in Kemang, this tattoo studio is no stranger to Jakarta residents. Lawless Tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo parlors with the best quality. Founded in 2011, Lawless has various talented tattoo artists, Ferdylawless, Anastasia, Chai, Josepin, and a tattoo expert named Prisa. The studio also maintains cleanliness, sanitation, and renews the needles used for each guest, so that the quality is beyond doubt.

3. Laura Ink Tattoo

Laura Sihombing is one of Indonesia’s leading female tattoo artists who founded one of the first female-owned studios in South Jakarta. Laura was educated in Singapore and after that entered the world of professional tattooing in Indonesia in 2005. Apart from body tattoos, this studio also offers make-up tattoos (eyebrows, eyeliner) and other body parts. The procedure will be carried out in a fully equipped studio with sterile and hygienic disposable needles, handles & tips, imported British handmade machines & inks. Pre-treatment as well as optional painkillers are available. With years of experience, Laura will take over the customer’s design and ensure that the final tattoo will have a lasting value.