dance entertainment – Balinese dances as well as folk songs

Moreover, I only stayed here one night, because the next day I had to head to Solo to see Grebeg Sudiro.

The room is quite spacious even though it is filled with two people.

In the room that I occupy there is already a long sofa with a table that has been placed fruit and desert to welcome guests.

Well, I always like this kind of welcome.

Simple, but so meaningful for guests who might be craving a snack like me :p
There is one big screen television and a work desk as well as free coffee and tea like most other hotels.

I don’t even have time to use it to watch TV or blog at my desk in a hotel room.

Yes, I spent more time going out and hunting for photos at Tugu Muda Semarang and soaking in the bathroom.

Yes! Even though it’s a standard room, there is a bathtub that you can use to relax your muscles.

It’s a shame I only spent one night at Novotel Semarang, if I could stay longer it would be nice.

Moreover, there are still many destinations in Semarang that I have not had the chance to explore.

Indeed, Semarang has not shone like Bali, Bandung or Yogyakarta which are favorite destinations in Indonesia.

But for those who like culinary or heritage tourism, maybe friends can stay at this hotel and spend a few days exploring Semarang.

There is one question that I keep receiving from my friends after getting proposed, “how did he propose?”. When it comes to my personal life, I don’t fancy talking about it to anyone, it’s not because I’m hiding it or it’s a secret, it’s just because I naturally never like sharing any details about my life.

Just like this particular wedding proposal story, at first I just wanted to keep it alone, but recently after we got married on April 27 2014 and back from our Japan honeymoon (you can see our Japan honeymoon trip on our instagram @AnakJajan & @iamMarius with the hashtag #AnakJajanJAPAN) I decided to put it on this blog because I wanted to have a detailed record while I still have a clear and good memory about it. After all, the main reason I made this blog is to be me and Mr. Jajan’s diary, well mostly about food because we love to eat (together)

The picture above explains that there are other airlines besides Citilink, which is the cheapest available, from an online travel application. Why am I circling AirAsia? Yep, this was because at that time Citilink was showing 1.3 million, which of course was impossible for me to choose. The option for consideration was only AirAsia at that time (on March 14 2018).

At that time, I didn’t buy it right away, because I was still thinking about how to get plane tickets at even cheaper prices click here. Hmmm.

So, it happened later that day, where I finally installed the Citilink application on my cellphone. And TARA…..! Get the price of a ticket per flight per person, which is ONLY 500 thousand. Yeay!

We returned to Jakarta from Bali on Sunday, May 13 2018, and of course used Citilink again.

There was an incident that was quite disturbing when going on a night flight at that time. How come? The electricity in the airport area is out! Beugh! Bo airport, the electricity can die too. And sure enough, the thing that was feared happened. The queue at the check-in counter was snaking!
We are scheduled to fly around half past 9 pm WITA. However, my husband and I were fortunate to have arrived at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport since 6 pm WITA. Right when we just entered and finished checking using the X-Ray machine, the electricity went out for a moment and then came on again. Maybe at that time for lighting using a generator that turns on automatically if there is a power failure. However, not for the system. Well you know!