Famous Malaysian food among tourists

Malaysia is a neighboring country to Indonesia which is included in the Southeast Asian region. The population consists of three main ethnicities, namely Malay, Indian and Chinese. The diversity of these ethnic groups makes Malaysia have a variety of culinary styles. Almost all Malaysian specialties are the result of a mix of ethnic Malays, Chinese, Indians and other ethnicities. In addition, culinary styles are also influenced by other ethnicities such as Thai and Arab, although they do not have an overall impact on the cuisine. So, if you want to know more about Malaysian specialties, let’s check out the full RedDoorz article!

Splash Chicken

Ayam percik is a culinary dish made from chicken mixed with various types of spices. In Malaysia, there are two types of percik chickens which are distinguished by location, namely Kelantan and Trengganu. The difference is that the Kelantan percik chicken uses sauce and seasonings from a mixture of coconut milk and a number of spices, unlike the Trengganu percik chicken which is made with the addition of chili seasoning so that it tastes spicier and appetizing.

Lemak rice

You are certainly no stranger to this one food menu. This is because the nasi lemak menu has been sold in several restaurants in Indonesia. Nasi lemak is made from rice soaked in coconut cream and then steamed until cooked. Not only that, several spices, such as pandan, ginger, and lemongrass are also used to flavor the aroma of this nasi lemak. Nasi lemak will be served with side dishes of fried chicken, boiled eggs, stir-fried kale, fried beef rendang, peanut sauce fried anchovies and cuttlefish sauce. The taste of this nasi lemak is very savory and a bit like nasi uduk, mixed rice or Jambi’s typical fat rice. Guaranteed, your stomach will be filled immediately after finishing this plate of nasi lemak.

Chicken Pongteh

You usually find this culinary in Malaysia and Singapore. Ayam pongteh has the appearance of a chicken stew and is usually served with sliced potatoes and shitake mushrooms, so the ingredients are more complete and enjoyable. Actually this dish uses non-halal meat, but in Malaysia the meat used is chicken. This typical Malaysian dish has a distinct taste in the broth due to the use of tauco which is mixed in when cooked.

Banana Leaf Rice

Even though it originates from India, banana leaf rice has become a Malaysian specialty that is worth trying when you visit there. From the name itself, we can already guess that this rice is of course served on a banana leaf. Initially, this culinary originated from regions in South India such as Tamil, Kerala, Karnataka, and also Andra Pradesh. Then it was brought to Malaysia through Indian traders who were migrating in this neighboring country. The serving process itself is first the banana leaves are stretched first. Then rice and various types of vegetables. After that, it is covered with curry spices to add flavor. This curry seasoning is the hallmark of Indian food and don’t forget to visit our site to visit our site to get other interesting information by the page here